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I help small businesses and self-employed sole traders with their tax return

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Kitty is an experienced accountant who helps small businesses and self-employed sole traders with their tax return. 

Join hundreds of small businessmen and sole traders for a quick and complete solution for their tax affairs

Clients aren't just satisfied, they have real life results.

“Working with Kitty made me feel like I had a map and a realistic vision of the practice I was going to create”

I am so pleased with her tax service. The best one around! I will let my mum know about this, she could really make use of this for her cake decorating business, taking away her headache!

David Rogers

London, United Kingdom

“Very pleasant working with Kitty, she explained all jargon tax term clearly, got my filing done in no time! ”

I am extremely satisfied and would recommend her to anyone, who's looking for a reliable accountant for their annual filing.

Stuart Bell

Chester, United States

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Here is what you will get 

Kitty takes care of everything on your tax filling requirement and give you step by step instructions.

Free Initial Consultation

A free consultation is offered, to explain what document is required to complete the tax return. If there are certain special requirement from the business. 

Annual Accounts Preparation

Full set of Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet will be prepared using bookkeeping records provided by the client. 

Business Advice

This is based on the best practice under AAT (Associate of Accounting Technician) regulation. An advice will be given after  reviewing the business financial performance.  

Company House/HMRC Filing

Full tax return filing submission will be provided, CT600 form will be given to limited companies. Confirmation Statement can also be filed if due. 

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“I am so glad Kitty completed my tax return in a matter of 2 days, and I was able to concentrate on my business activities, taking away a lot of my headache!"

David Rogers

Maryland, United Kinddom

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